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The Commonwealth Government has awarded the contract to deliver the National Relay Service (NRS) to a global business services company, Concentrix Services.

Concentrix will deliver the NRS for 3 years from 1 October 2019. The new contract maintains the current funding levels for the NRS at $22 million per year, which Deafness Forum and others has repeatedly said is only about 70% of real costs in recent years.

The helpdesk will continue to support NRS users. Concentrix will investigate how the Video Relay Service for Auslan users can be improved.

The CapTel handset will not be supported under the new arrangements from 1 February 2020. CapTel users should contact the NRS Helpdesk for support in transitioning to other communication options, including a new Internet Relay call function.

Contact the NRS Helpdesk via…/na…/contact-nrs-helpdesk

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