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CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Information

The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) has set up a page with information and resources on the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) for Australians with disability and their families.

Please visit the AFDO website for more information on the CoronaVirus. The CoronaVirus Information page will be updated as new information and resources become available.

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News and events

Joint Media Statement on Victorian restrictions

The NDIA and Victorian Government must prioritise people with disability so they do not suffer in Stage 4 lockdowns. As the Victorian COVID-19 situation worsens and ‘a state of disaster’ is declared, children and adults with disability need to be a primary focus of government. We have already seen infections in group homes for people with disability, and significant impacts on their access to services and children’s right to education.


Source: DANA

Don’t wait for clear facemasks – make your own sign

Seen on Facebook: “The mandatory face mask order has caused a lot of concerns for my fellow deaf community members. Deafness is invisible, and people will assume you can hear. Sister and I ran some personal errands, and we appreciated the patience people displayed after we showed them our cards and they accommodated our needs. […]

Source: Deafness Forum of Australia

Safeguarding Task Force recommends funding advocacy

Pictures of Ann Marie Smith and Co-Chairs of Safeguarding Task Force, David Caudrey and Kelly Vincent

Following the suffering and death of Ann Marie Smith, the South Australian Government Minister for Human Services established the Safeguarding Task Force.

Recommendation 7 of the Safeguarding Task Force report is that the State government invests in individual advocacy to assist individuals with accessing what they need from the NDIS and from the community.


Source: DANA

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