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Disability Australia Hub – connecting you with disability organisations around Australia.


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Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia Blind Citizens Australia Brain Injury Australia Disability Advocacy Network Australia Deaf Australia Deafblind Australia Deafness Forum of Australia Disability Justice Australia Down Syndrome Australia Disability Resources Centre Enhanced Lifestyles Enabling Independence Inclusion Australia People With Disabilities ACT People With Disabilities WA Physical Disability Australia Women with disabilities Victoria empowering women

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Disability Loop is a way to find out more about the
National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

News and events

Understanding & supporting teenage students with hearing loss

Teens and hearing loss are complex topics by themselves. Combined, they represent a challenge that often leaves parents wondering how they will live through this period of their child’s life, teens on an emotional roller coaster from “leave me alone” to “pay attention to me,” and teachers seeking guidance to help understand and work effectively […]

Source: Deafness Forum of Australia

Disability Royal Commission: help fix submission form

To help people give their information to the Disability Royal Commission* a submission form was designed. DANA explained to the Commissioners that there were problems with their submission form: the questions were too long and complicated not all questions aligned with best trauma-informed practice the ordering of the questions could be improved the need for […]

Source: DANA

Reviewing the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Australian Government promised last year to develop and legislate an NDIS Participant Service Guarantee to improve participant experiences with the NDIS. To do this, the Government commissioned a review of the NDIS legislation – Mr David Tune was appointed as the independent reviewer – it became known as the ‘Tune Review’. The review looked […]

Source: DANA

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