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Federal Parliament sitting calendar in 2020

National advocates will be planning activities in 2020 such as meetings and events to coincide with the dates that federal parliamentarians meet in Canberra. The sitting calendar is published on the Parliamentary website. It is available to be viewed here

Source: DANA

Media Release: Federal Government prioritising budget surplus over NDIS

Source: Inclusion Australia

Inclusion Australia urges all governments to put the interests of people with disability first. Last week’s headlines in the Fairfax media [‘Ministers accuse federal government of prioritising budget surplus over NDIS’] are of great concern to Inclusion Australia. Fairfax reported the NSW and Victorian governments are in rare agreement in accusing the federal government of […]

Source: Inclusion Australia

Audiology at the Cutting Edge: Shaping Your Future

The Audiology Australia 2020 Conference in Perth, ‘Audiology at the Cutting Edge: Shaping Your Future’ will bring audiologists and other professionals together to forge a proactive and positive approach to the future, by sharing and expanding current knowledge, skills and expertise to meet the clinical and operational demands facing audiology.

Source: Deafness Forum of Australia

Sydney public hearing – Disability Royal Commission

Here is a useful information guide for anyone interested in attending the Sydney Public Hearing which will run from Tuesday 18 February to Friday 28 February 2020. This public hearing will focus on the experiences of people with cognitive disability with health services. Anyone can attend the Royal Commission’s public hearings, there is no requirement […]

Source: DANA

NDIS Quarterly Report released (October – December 2019)

Source: AFDO

The Minister for the NDIS, Stuart Robert, today released the latest COAG NDIS Quarterly Report (1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019). The report reveals that some progress is being made in getting young people with disabilities out of Aged Care and that the average wait time for children aged 0-6 years to meet NDIS […]

Source: AFDO

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