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Immediate actions required in Response to Coronavirus (COVID19)

Source: Down Syndrome Australia

Down Syndrome Australia has joined with more than 70 other disability organisations to write to the National Cabinet about our concerns relating to the response to COVID-19 for people with disabilities.

We have outlined 10 urgent actions which must be taken to protect the lives of people with disability during the COVID-19 crisis.

Read more and download a copy of the open letter here.


Source: Down Syndrome Australia

New Information service in South Australia

Source: Down Syndrome Australia

During these tough times it’s important we all stay connected, which is why we are excited to welcome our new Information Officer Samantha Roach to the DSA family.

She will be providing information and supports to the Down syndrome community in South Australia, and is the process of organising future opportunities for you to receive information and connect online.  You can get in touch with Samantha at and let her know how she can best provide information and connections in South Australia.

Find out more about the new information service here.


Source: Down Syndrome Australia

Media Release: Now is the time to act on pandemic measures for people with disability

Source: Inclusion Australia

People with disability, and their organisations, across Australia are calling for urgent action, again, to keep us safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic.   Over 70 national, state and territory disability organisations have come together to urge the National Cabinet to take the urgent action we need to keep people with disability free of the […]

Source: Inclusion Australia

Government-funded workplaces putting up to 20,000 Aussies with intellectual disability in the firing line of COVID-19

Media Release from DANA, Inclusion Australia and Women With Disabilities Australia

Australian workers with intellectual disabilities and their families are concerned they are being exposed to a high risk of contracting coronavirus at work at their Australian Disability Enterprise. Yesterday (1 April), a worker with intellectual disability at a West Australian ADE was diagnosed with COVID-19. Disability advocacy groups expect numbers to rise dramatically right across Australia if all ADEs do not close their doors immediately until the pandemic passes.


Source: DANA

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