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ACTION for People with Disability provides advocacy and support for people with disability and support for their families.

Their advocacy is based on the understanding that people with disability have the same rights as other citizens in being treated with respect, dignity and value in relation to their physical, emotional, educational and social well-being.

Learn more by visiting ACTION for People with Disability website. 

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Organisations that can offer more information:

Advocacy for Inclusion logo

Advocacy for Inclusion

Advocacy for Inclusion represents Canberra’s most marginalised and isolated people with disabilities, including those persons with cognitive disabilities and/or significant communication barriers.

They support the voice of people with disabilities and are committed to growing that voice in all forums.

Learn more by visiting Advocacy for Inclusion website. 

Aspergers Victoria Inc logo

Aspergers Victoria Inc

Aspergers Victoria is a peer-led organisation. Aspergers Victoria provide peer support, and peer programs and services for the Aspergers community.  Their vision is to create a more inclusive world for Aspergers people, and believe that greater understanding and acceptance of Aspergers is critical for Aspergers people to discover meaningful and connected futures.
Association for Children with Disability (ACD) logo

Association for Children with Disability (ACD)

Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) is the leading advocacy and information service for families of children with any type of disability living in Victoria. Association for Children with a Disability are run by and for families of children with a disability and are committed to improving public policy and service system delivery through education, influence, and support programs.

Learn more by visiting the Association for Children with a Disability (ACD) website.

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) logo

Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO)

AFDO is the peak organisation in the disability sector representing member organisations run by people with lived experience of disability.  It has a focus on systemic advocacy working for long-term social change for people with disability. It works to make sure the rights and interests of people with disability are served through informing government(s) agencies, and communities on legislation, policies, practices, and initiatives.

Learn more by visiting the AFDO website.

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4) logo

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4)

A4 is the national grassroots organisation delivering systemic advocacy for autistic people and their close associates who live in close proximity to ASD. A4 advocates for policy, programs and anything else that improves the lives of autistic people. A4’s management always includes strong autistic representatives.

Learn more by visiting the A4 website.

Blind Citizens Australia (BCA) logo

Blind Citizens Australia (BCA)

BCA is the united voice of Australians who are blind or vision impaired. BCA provides information, peer support, individual and systemic advocacy, and consultancy services. Whether you are blind, have a vision impairment, a family member or friend of a person who is blind or vision impaired, BCA is there to assist you.

Learn more by visiting the BCA website.

Brain Injury Australia logo

Brain Injury Australia

Brain Injury Australia provides information and a gateway to nationwide referral for optimising the social and economic participation of all Australians living with brain injury. It was formed at the first national community-based conference on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) in 1986.

Learn more by visiting the Brain Injury Australia website.

Brainwave logo


Brainwave provides practical assistance and emotional support to children with neurological conditions as well as their families and carers to positively impact their quality of life.  Brainwave provides family events, as well as equipment and therapy funding.

Learn more by visiting the Brain Wave website.

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